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    Where a customer is to provide the New World Group with private information, the purposes for which that information is to be used shall be designated in advance and the Company shall not use that information for any other purpose.

    Where the New World Group deems it is necessary to use a customer's private information for a purpose, the New World Group shall prior to any such use notify the customer of the desired use purpose and shall use only when the customer does consent. (where the customer does not consent to use for that purpose, the customer based upon its own determination may refuse use)

    The New World Group shall appropriately control, manage and keep safe the private information of our customers and shall implement safety measures in order to prevent loss by unauthorized access and inappropriate dissemination of the private information

    The New World Group shall only use private information received for the purposes designated by our customers. Further, without the consent of the customer, the New World Group shall not disclose nor deliver private information provided by a customer to any third party.

    Private information provided by a customer shall as a general rule not be disclosed or provided to a third party with the exception of where a circumstance set forth as such;

    (1) Where private information is disclosed to a commissioned party within the use purposes designated by the customer.

    (2) Where disclosure of private information is legally required by judicial order or application of law, regulations or ordinances. The New World Group shall contract with, supervise and train these contractors to appropriately protect privacy information of the customer under the same privacy policy as the New World Group.

    The New World Group tries to keep the information provided by the customer as current as possible in order to take steps to maintain the security of the privacy information.

    Where demand for an enquiry, modification or deletion of private information is made by a customer, the New World Group shall respond to said enquiry or demand in good faith only when the New World Group verify identification of the customer.

    Private information provided by the customer which has sent to as an enquiry to the New World Group shall not be used for the purpose except to respond to that enquiry.